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One of Those Shady Buyers?


Hello, my name is Jacob.

I wanted to ask if this is shady:

A buyer wants me to go to ACE Express or Walmart to buy some kind of debit card on my money. He says he is from an African Art Brokerage and I am almost a week in. I don’t have very much money as it is. He says he’s going to pay me $500 a week. My starting salary pay for this week is $300 and I get that out of a $4,000 donation. I am beginning to think he is shady. Why would anyone pay somebody just out of donation? It seems wrong to me. If he is a brokerage, why is he getting donations in the 1st place? He sent me to this website just to order a card that isn’t valid in my state. Fiverr staff, please help! :expressionless: My response percentile is being affected by this and it’s unfair. I can give you his name if you’d like. It’s in my personal/private messages.


This sounds ridiculously shady. Why would he need you to buy some kind of prepay on a card?? Don’t do it. This sounds all levels of wrong and you should report him to CS. There’s no need for you to buy anything at all in order to complete a gig unless your gig requires specific software or something.


I will do, thank you! I Will flag his messages as well.


Wait he sent you to fiverr to get card??


It’s an ACE Epress Card and my state doesn’t accept them.


Then he wants me to get a Walmart card as well for a $5k donation…


I just flagged and blocked that user.


A very similar thing happened to my great Aunt. She is in her 70s and she fell for it unfortunately. But with her, they pretended to be from her internet provider and made up this whole thing about her needing to pay for anti-virus protection that way. Then after she did the whole debit card thing, they were trying to get her banking info and social security number. That’s when she realized that something was wrong. It’s a scam. Report him and cease contact for sure.


He asked me for personal contact info and sadly I fell for it.


Am I allowed to provide names here?


This is regarding his username.


you are not allowed to provide the names on the forum if you do so a moderator will remove it


Ok, thank you, I thought that was the same since I stopped here a year ago.


That is not, repeat NOT a buyer but a scam artist.

Do not give away any information and do anything but report as you just did.

I do not want to be associated with someone like him. I am a buyer, he’s a liar and a cheat.


There is always a fine line and I always see it that way. If you’re looking to buy, we know you are here for business, if not, we know who those scammers are. I just wanted to bring it to public attention that there needs to be more awareness about our own safety and we need to come first above all else as legit sellers and buyers.


If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Now, I’ve got this bridge you might be interested in buying - only kidding!

It wasn’t a buyer - as @gina_riley2 pointed out, it’s a scammer, instead of using email, they’re trying it on here.

So long as you’ve blocked/reported them, you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


:runner: RUN don’t walk it’s a SCAM!

Take a screenshot and forward it over to Customer Support ASAP!


A good reminder to always be weary when conducting business online.


Looool run and run faaaast.


He made a new user…