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One of worse platform i have ever since

one of worse platform i have ever since . i dont get any one as in buyer request . one of worse platform . no buyer request nothing

I think it is a great platform for the most part.

You cannot control whether you have Buyer Requests or not. Either people are looking for something in your category at the moment or they aren’t. Besides, you will be able to see more Buyer Requests once you are a Level One Seller.

You can also try to refresh Buyer Requests more often. Otherwise, I suggest you use your time to improve your skills, your gig, your marketing, and to figure out where you can reach your target customers if it isn’t going to be through Buyer Requests.


It’s quite unfair to declare that the platform is “one of the worst you’ve seen” without really trying your hand at it or experimenting, don’t you feel? @connectwithavis

Fiverr, like any other platform out there, doesn’t come easy - it requires dedication, effort and patience. It also requires a fair amount of research, and a thorough understanding of the target audience you’re selling to. You have to be willing to put in that time to see results. It doesn’t happen overnight.

This is solid advice. Also, you can spend more time on the forum and go through people’s experiences/tips/advice - maybe some posts might give you perspective on how to reinvent your gigs!


If you’re relying solely on Buyer Requests for some success then I don’t think that’s going to work out. After looking at your gig there’s definitely a lot you could be working on to improve, so if you’re looking for someone to blame…


To be fair, you’re selling something you call “very creative” and it’s not quite that. If the typography is improved, it can be called “clean” or “modern” instead to avoid the contradiction.