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One of your providers is spamming my associates

One of your providers is spamming my associates********

More than 3 times…please make them stop

Mod Note: :clipboard: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs.

In order for anyone to be able to tell you something, help you with something or give any kind of relevant info, you need to give more information about what is exactly happening and where, on what platforms,.

Also publicly sharing the link to the user is against TOS,

Sending spam through our various website contact forms which I’m guessing is also against your TOS.

Once again, if you are an adult working in a professional industry, you must see that what you are doing here is like a guy crashed in your house with the car and you drove away and went to the driving school to complain about him. There is a police, first, lawyers, and then talking to a bunch of random people on the forum that have no power whatsoever to do anything about this.

So your first act should be to contact the company FIVERR using their contact form. Wait for their reply. And then if you are not happy with their reply to come here and vent about the one user of Fiverr who is behaving unethically.
I have a business web page and blog with the possibility of comments. Every month one Pe___ enlargement guy and medicine for foot guy somehow find me and leave their comment. I erase them and move on. The moment I put my web page online I am exposing my self to life forms with intelligence and lifeform without intelligence but still, somehow they know how to place a comment and write emails.

You live on Earth. With humans. Humans are complicated.

Stupidity is not against TOS. If that was the case 70% people would be banned from internet.

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Ok…so where is the contact form for Fiver?..I can’t find it anywhere, which is why I posted here.

Even though having a website exposes you to certain unsavory marketing, I feel it should be tracked down and when possible…stopped…it is not once or twice a month…it is more like 20 times a day…

Humans may be complicated…but the CAN-SPAM act is pretty straight forward…

I just checked and you are correct. It looks like Fiverr does not have a complaint option for someone who is not a Fiverr seller or buyer. @wp_kid is moderator so maybe he can help

But once again, you have a spammer. The fact that he has an account here is irrelevant. he also has FB account, Twitter account. Did you place a remark to them regarding one of their users spamming you?

I can assist on Forum related issues only :wink:

You can contact Fiverr Customer Support here


All Fiverr can do is ban that user (as in, delete their account on Fiverr). They can’t make that user (or anyone else) stop sending spam through your website contact forms.

Actually, spamming is against the ToS and it IS actionable…