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One Order but want to improve gig


I just want to improve my gig more. Please preview my gig and also give me more tips.

Here my GIG or


Why is your headline different from the content? @chris_ld

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@bodmas …

Your heading says “You just got $50 order” but it is another thing you put inside the content “You just want to improve your gig” @chris_ld

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You right …I have correct now
Really Thanks @bodmas

@chris_ld you have one order in queue and I can see you have accumulated alot of reviews… What perfection do you need?

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I want some tips to make more attractive gig So I received daily orders.
You can see my last review. :sweat:
4 days ago…
I am very worried about it

@chris_ld according to what most people have said, maybe it’s gig rotation that affected you… but don’t worry, I would advise not to tamper with your gig or edit, as you may loose your ranking… Everything is gonna be alright soon. :blush:


Ok Thanks @bodmas …

You’re welcome…

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@chris_ld do you normally receive order daily before this time?

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