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One Order cancelled, Impressions dead!

Hey! One order cancelled 2 months ago, and all gigs impressions goes to almost dead till now, i did everything to boost them, but unfortunately it does’t work till now. I did some orders by recent buyers(OLD BUYERS) but fiverr is not doing boosting my any gig mean no new buyer since first march.
Fiverr shows me on the last page since first march.

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The Fiverr search system is performance based. You need to perform well if you want to appear on the first page. And yes, if you aren’t performing well, you’re not going to be seen by new buyers on the first page. Therefore, in order to work your way back up to the first page, you are likely going to have to find your own customers, and bring them to your gigs on your own. As you complete those self-found orders, as you please those buyers, and as those clients give you great reviews, your gig will likely start to rise from the last page.


When a cancellation is not justified your gigs do get the same treatment as if it is justified unfortunately. That’s my whine du jour. Time goes on though and this too will pass. Sorry graphicboi but maybe there are some other things you could do to give your sales a boost. Sometimes finding a way to improve your gigs can help a lot.


Yeap. I am agree with you.

Yes , you are right. I am just saying it was just an one order. Just a one and all goes down. I was on first page, now on last. I don’t know how to boost up now, because i have done some orders with full rating, but didn’t happen well for me even a bit.

Like I said… performance based. Be a great seller, who delivers top-quality on-time work, that earns positive reviews, and you’ll improve your performance.


Sorry! Can i ask you, who are you?

You need to make your own post asking this question instead of hijacking the OP post.