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One order in a month and no review since five days, Why

I just had my first order after opening an account this may and since five days I haven’t gotten a review, please why, and I would really like if the Impressions, come back online so I know how well my gig is performing

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Congrats on your first order! Unfortunately, some buyers leave reviews and some don’t. It’s just how it is. Currently only 50% of my total completed orders left reviews. Some of these are returning buyers who I guess feel comfortable enough with me and my work not to bother with reviews anymore, and I don’t hold that against them.

I’ve seen some people posting here in the Forums saying requesting for buyer reviews is against ToS, and I’ve seen some people who say they do it anyway. Do with that what you will. Personally, I don’t ask my buyers to leave reviews. It’s up to them and how they respond to my service as a seller.