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One order, one year

I have at least one year experience with fivver. Unfortunately since i joined i have only done one order. I keep bidding for jobs but i always fail. Could it be because my impressions keep on dropping or what could be happening with my gigs?

Write a detailed description of your gigs, how your gig works, what you are offering,
why should people choose you, in which format they will receive the file.
Write your gig description in bullet points so your your buyer can easily read it.
Create catchy gig images or video, you can use for a custom image or video.
Create more gigs, more gigs more chance to get orders.


In the beginning, you have to do work for peanuts. You need to get feedback and ratings for more buyers to be interested in you. Bid more, offer to do it for $5…when you get 10-20 reviews, you can bump up your fee.

Then, also

You are a writer, your descriptions should sell you.


Thanks. I will try to add more gigs and give more free offers.

Thanks…I think the problem is that i have poorly described my gigs. I will have to redo the description of what i offer.