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One Payoneer for Two Fiverr account!


Hello dude,

Can you please advice, is this possible to connect one Payoneer account for Two Fiverr accounts?

Appreciate your information.


I think you only allowed to have 1 fiverr account


I asked Payoneer customer support, they said one Payoneer connect with multiple Fiverr accounts that is not a problem. But I afraid!


You will be punished fiverr.

Because fiverr only allows 1 person to have 1 account


Okay, So I will not connect any other person Payoneer …?


I do not really understand your case.
Maybe you can contact support fiverr


Payoneer doesn’t care, but Fiverr does. It’s against Fiverr’s TOS to have two accounts.


If you connect one Payoneer account to two Fiverr accounts, both Fiverr accounts will be banned.


Don’t do it.Your accounts will be banned.


Thanks a lot, Got it …


I think you can use other payoneer account.


Thanks for your advice …


Ok , Thank you. i will use my own Payoneer account …