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One Payoneer two accounts?


Hi, i have Questions… can we use one payoneer account for two Fiverr accounts?
and also can we create 2 Fiverr accounts?

THanks :slight_smile:


No you have to have a separate payment account for each account.

You can only have one account.


OK, Thank you so much for your advice… :slight_smile:


yes sure you can have only one account



Thank you so much… :slight_smile:


Check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the main page and you will find the answers to many of your questions.


NO you cant do that
Fiverr will trace you soon


@misscrystal is right. You have to create different payment accounts. But never try to create multiple fiverr accounts it’s against fiverr rule and it may lead to suspension of all of your accounts. So always follow fiverr guidelines to make sure you are always on safe side


may I use two Fiverr accounts by one PayPal account


You’re not allowed to have more than one Fiverr account. Having more than one account can get all of your accounts permanently banned.

One PayPal account can only be connected to one Fiverr account.


its a great sorrow that bangladesh govt is not allowing paypal ,so what i have to do ? i have a local banks visa card ,


No, you cant use two Payoneer accounts for 1 account same as you are not allowed to have more than 1 Fiverr account.


HI, @abhisheksikder , you can use payoneer in bangladesh instead of paypal. and you could use your bank account through payoneer account.


@rajugreenlover thank you brother for your precious solution , How much does payoneer cost?


thank you. Please look at your fiverr profile and click fiverr revenue card. you will see a brief


brother , i recently applied for payoneer master card , but when i login it says one or more details wrong , whats the problem ? do you know , mention that i withdraw money to my account . whats wrong ?


Fiverr will trace you when you using 2 Account. there for its not good to use more than 1 account


no, i dont have two accounts… i just needed to know…


I suggest you to use 1 Fiverr account with great services with reasonable price.And if you used two accounts than fiverr catch you Asap and block your both accounts.So use one and improved it.


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