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One payoneer, two fiverr accounts

Hi, i have a fiverr account and have been working for a year now and have been withdrawing through payonner account.

Recently one of my friends also started working on fiverr and he wishes to withdraw money to my payoneer account which is already linked to my fiverr account.

Is that allowed or is it against the TOS?

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better to take help from Fiverr support center.

Fiverr might see this as being highly suspicious. Why doesn’t your friend just sign up for his own Payoneer account?

Yup, ask your opinion of Fiverr. Make sure your “friend” usese a different computer, different location, else Fiverr will assume it’s both you.
Or why not sign your friend up too, and use his bank account?

Hello, your friend should get his own account. Otherwise fiverr will think you have two accounts.

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Even if this didn’t look potentially shady, Fiverr does not allow it. One account > one payment method > one person.