One Problem With the New Buyer Request Function


The new buyer request function is nice, however, and I wrote Customer Support without successful resolution and now have a suggestion. When I respond to a buyer request, the software selects from my gigs what it thinks is the correct gig from my list, and sometimes it offers me a list of three gigs to choose from. However on almost every occasion it has not selected the correct gigs that are the best response, but only selects my gigs that have some of the keywords. It would be better if it listed all my gigs and let me choose which one is the best fit to send to the buyer. For example, I responded to a buyer request who wanted information about publishing and copyrights, I have a gig that covers just that, offering buyers a response about book publishing information, however the program only selected some of my writing gigs that were not a match. So the buyer gets a choice that doesn’t match his need. And it doesn’t allow me to send a message along with it. I think I Can contact him and send a message but that seems bulky, if they just did this a little better with a better drop down menu of all my gigs, I could easily pick the more relevant one.


I have a similar problem. When I click on one of the buyer requests, a window pops up that says “select the gig that matches the buyer’s request.” I have four gigs that are in different categories. One of them will show in the request window but it’s never the correct one and there doesn’t seem to be a way the change the gig to the appropriate one. Am I missing something? There must be a way to do this. It would be great if Fiverr showed a list of my available gigs with a checkbox so that I could select the correct gig.