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One reason why no orders coming through!

Looking at this platform, one thing sticks out a lot. Supply far exceeds demand. And it is clear, that most people on here are selling. So, how could we improve this? I believe, there is not enough marketing outside this platform about Fiverr members product, as Fiverr marketing campaign is based on us making money, rater than us selling products, which attracts only those, who wants to sell, but not buy. I think if more gig owners will shout about the platform on their social media, as Fiverr being great place to get vast selection of services, our sales would boost. So, I’m not a social media fan, but will give it a go. Will open Instagram and facebook pages and will start promoting this platform as great place to get amazing services… If anyone agree, you should do the same! By supporting and helping each other, we can make this happen! One post from each of you on your social media page and thousands of potential buyers will look at our gigs :slight_smile:

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Not sure which myths I promote here, however, I did watch your video and will disagree with social media, as if everyone would promote this platform, NOT a gig, it would make huge difference. Please do not underestimate the power of influence of social media.

I’d say there is lots of demand but pareto principle applies hard. 80% of orders are done by 20% of sellers.

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Not my video.
Also, while your idea has some merit, and you want this:

You’re facing the problem of this:

I won’t deny that greater exposure of Fiverr could help, but I would never blanket promote it because there are far too many problems with the site. I could individually promote while simultaneously teaching how to properly find and use the best resources this site can offer, but that defeats the aim you want to achieve.

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Had to go look that one up.


It is an adage of business management that “80% of sales come from 20% of clients”.

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I’m in logistics high school that’s where I learned that but it applies pretty much to everything


Will agree on that, however it is down to several factors why such split appears. There is an effect of Pareto principle in many demand/supply positions, however, this principle is the effect of the discipline. Any situation or circumstance, if you take the starting point of it, will have equal share of the whole total regardless of the conditions. Only with time (could be very short time), due to various factors, discipline and activity, including relativity, the share splits in 20/80 and mostly due to the human nature. I could go deeper and deeper in to it, but in general, as I’m new on here and could see many people have no orders, my assumption was what I have stated in my original post :slightly_smiling_face:
And thanks people for sounding your opinions and knowledge :slight_smile:

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In terms of economics researches and statements, I would not give 100% credit to that, as the economy based on principles they hold and based on so many researches they have done, current situation shows, that there are huge gaps in the modules.
In terms of collective action for good of all users, require great leadership and control, which does not apply to Fiverr. My original post was done due to reading many reviews of no orders coming through, so, this was my first impression, however, after looking at many profiles and their skill levels, it painted me slightly more clearer picture :slight_smile:
I just remembered one om my sales training point… In organization, sales people should be able to sell their colleagues, not the product. Same as if you sell a loaf of bread… will you sell the bread and package or a person, who bakes it, with some history, baking journey and passion? I believe if someone has an inquiry which you cannot fulfill, offer someone else who you know :slight_smile:
Also, what are the downsides of this platform you mentioned? As I’m new here, would love to know more.
Thank You for your replies! Appreciated

This was interesting.


Thank You for fact read. Great improvement from the company. Hope it will positively affect more and more gig owners!

Exactly! :grin: This is a different matter. Fiverr has no barrier to entry (sole exception that users are 13+ years old), so Sturgeons Law applies. Most sellers can’t get orders because what they’re offering is poor quality and/or they’re in a hyper-competitive category and/or don’t know how to market/promote themselves. (Emphasis on most but not all. Your 2 business plan gigs look nice.)

The biggest issues are the ones mentioned above. No barrier to entry, and there’s a reliance on community-provided quality control. Fiverr tends to lean in favor of buyers, because most sellers don’t know what they’re doing.
Some of the smaller issues are based on the slightly outdated business model Fiverr was founded on, and added features that don’t mesh ‘perfectly’ with the main site. Buyer’s Requests, for example, feels like it’s in beta, but it’s also existed for years. Other features don’t work as one might think, or work in ways that seem counter intuitive. Like Milestone orders and Out Of Office mode.

Some of these are just complaints, but a good chunk also have suggestions:

Many thanks @imagination7413
Im still trying to figure out what is where and people like you helps a lot. Much appreciated!
What are your strongest gigs? Will certainly divert potential buyers to you, if no business for me :slight_smile:

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