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One sale in three months

Hi everyone/anyone. I’ve had my gig up for three or four months now and I’ve managed to only get one job. It was very easy, paid well, and involved very little communication between me and the buyer. Basically they needed a script read for internal use for a commercial. Everything went well, but the buyer decided not to leave a star review even after I requested.

Aside from that experience, I cannot get any other action. My gig does get from one to five views almost daily, but I am wondering if there is something about my profile or my pricing that might be confusing or off-putting. Any input is welcome. Thanks!

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Voice over as I understand it is very saturated on Fiverr so there may be more competition. Your pricing is probably a little high for any amateur project to hire you. Your profile looks great to me, I don’t have audio so I can’t check the quality.

I’ve never sold voice over though. Is it possible to lower the minimum amount of words for a gig? If someone needed around 25-50 for a game they wouldn’t order and you miss out on the reviews.


Thanks olie01. It does seem very saturated for V.O… I’ve played with the price/offer to make it cheaper a few times in the past. I’ll probably take your advice and consider lowering it again if things continue going down this path. Thanks again for your input.


Leaving a review is the prerogative of a buyer.

Sellers have posted on the forum that they have got a warning because they asked for a review.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works as a violation can risk your account.

Also, check out the competition in your category re pricing as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.


Thanks for the heads up.


If buyer give you a review then its Good but Don’t ask for it because if you ask ,its against fiver rules . If buyer give you a review then its plus point but it will not effect your conversation rate or order rate . Its not goes down due to this reason . I also did many projects and did not get 30 plus reviews but its okay for me . Its not effect on my gig !

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FYI, several sellers have reportedly received ToS warnings for even so much as bringing up the topic of reviews with their buyers. So, I wouldn’t do that. In the future, please do not request reviews from buyers as I am sure you would not like to get a ToS warning from Fiverr.

Good luck! :pineapple:

And if you want to improve your gig , spread the link on social media and it will improve your gig impressions and clicks as well .

That seems to be the warning everyone is giving me. Thanks for your input.

Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t realize that could be a ToS issue.

I have made only 9 sales In 1 Year

Are you voiceover as well?

I can not understand what you are saying.

Tim, I’m not aware of the current pricing for that type of gig, so I’m not sure if the price could be the problem. But I would suggest that you make your prices attractive for now, in the beginning, even if you sacrifice a little bit of your craft, and once you have some more orders and some proper ratings, you can start charging what you think is fair.


As a voice over same as you my advice is to lower your price, i understand of everyone’s quality of work and everyone of us have a talent and deserve to get for what he sees the best for himself. The competition is very high here so you must have patience for pricing and do the best to satisfy the customer, as long as you are making sales lower the count of words. You can always change the extras costs which gives you a good boost for your income.

I can see that you have around 10 years of experience as you mentioned, then put more demo reels, improve your gig, record yourself speaking to the audience, show your work.

I can’t say that you must be online 24/7 which is impossible , but try to refresh the app from time to time so you appear as online. Sooner or later you will have sales.

Good luck

I think olie01 was asking if any of your gigs were for voice over. Looks like most of them are graphic editing/design. Sorry to hear about your 9 sales in 1 year. That’s rough. I do believe there must be a way to get more work.

Thanks for your input. I think I will listen to you and bring my pricing down a bit to get a little more traction and then hopefully bring them up later down the road.

Providing more demos sounds like a good idea. I might also go the route of doing a video promo because that seems to help. I also try to be online as much as possible with my phone or at a computer when I’m working. Some people have suggested that the more online you are the more likely people may grab you if they need something pretty quick. Fast turnaround is something I can definitely do. Thanks for your input.

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