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One sell and 20 scammers

I had a sale on my first day which was great and gave me high expectations for fiverr. I do not believe anything is wrong with my Gigs, although I would love the advice if there was.

Website Gig

The real issue is everyday I get a message and it starts with the same sentence but from a different account.

“Hello, how are you?
I have one thing to receive your help.
I think you can help me this thing enough.
I really want to work with you.
Looking forward to hear the good news from you.
Thanks in advance.”

They end up usually asking to use my Up Work account, so this is when I started auto responding

“Sorry I do not do any work off of fiverr”

then they leave me alone. My question is, why is there SO many as to the fact I get this message 1-2 times a day and I have only gotten 1 serious inquiry? Whats going on here? Anyone else getting this and how to stop it…

Same here. Please help. Just received two messages from people who created an account on the same day of the message and that ask me if I would be interested in working with them.

What gives Fiverr?

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