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One seller ask me to pay to him outside Fiverr!


One seller ask me to pay partial payment to him outside Fiverr and the rest through Fiverr, is this legal??


Hi there, no it’s against Fiverr’s terms of service, don’t do that, it could be a try to scam you too, on top of that.

Take a look at this:


Absoluely not, one, it is against the tos, two, you are not protected in any way. He may or may not pay you. It’s shady, simply do not do it. You will have sooo many problems arising from this, it does not worth it.


Thank you, after I told him it is against the policy he agreed to pay him full through Fiverr, but am I protected if I proceed with fiverr? and based on your experience are there any manipulations can happens even if its through Fiverr?

Yeah sure you are 100% protected if you proceed through Fiverr. But be careful of proceeding through outside because first it’s against fiverr rules and secondly you can be scammed.

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Yes it is against Fiverr TOS. So don’t do that.

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Hi, please don’t do that. It’s against Fiverr’s policies. Also, as a seller, be careful not to receive payments outside of Fiverr. I thinks its right to play by the rules. It’s safer for everyone.

No, it´s not legal and you can report this seller.

hello aaalaaa, thanks
it totally illegal!!! As Seller on Fiverr, I think Fiverr is safer than outside… if you want you will be able to refund in Fiverr very easy by custom support :slight_smile: :blush:

don’t do it, it’s illegal. :scream: :scream_cat:

Don’t listen to those buyers. and don’t provide any sample to anybody they are not real buyer. report those buyer on fiver support. -thanks

You’ll definitely get yourself in trouble doing that. The platform has its set payment portal and every other payment outside of it is definitely against Fiverr’s stipulated rules.

It’s not worth it taking the risk.

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