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One seller gig copied my gig

hi, one seller copied my gig video,gig description etc…
i said already,but he didn’t remove
so what should i do?
report or contact customer support?


Hey Farukkan,

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to take down his/her gig,

However, I do recommend either reporting it or contacting customer service but just keep in mind that there might not be a guaranteed solution,

Good luck.


Yes, I think you must report them by contacting customer support


Just report that in fiverr customer service. They will take action and will be removed that seller gig.

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I had the same situation few days ago so I filed a complaint against the seller to the CS ,CS took the action and copied gig has been removed.


thanks for information

thanks for your help.

thank you for help me.

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You should report or contact with customer care

This just happened to me also. I reported it BUT I really think Fiverr is the one who should be scanning gigs for copied content. This person stole my thumbnail and my entire gig text, word for word. You would think Fiverr could scan gigs for plagiarism or matching content? It’s really unfortunate. Lastly… any victim of this ‘gig cloning’ may have lost revenue because of it. How long has my gig been copied for? It may have been months. This is very upsetting.

Thank you so much. It really helped me

Report the new seller and contact to support. Some days ago I face the same problem. Then I contact to Fiverr support Team and tell my problem with prove. They help me. Try it.