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One seller spaming me and then he marked my messages as spam

One seller ask me to click on a website link and check it. My antivirus program blocked it. He continuously send me spams messages. I requested him not to send spam messages. Then he marked my messages as spam :roll_eyes::kissing_cat::tired_face::tired_face: Will it affect me?

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Something similar happened to me a while back, so I contacted CS right away to be sure I wouldn’t be considered a spammer without fault because the actual spammer/scammer had reported me.

CS told me there was nothing to worry about, that they saw I was abusively reported and that was it :smiley:

However, if I were you I would still contact Customer Support because:

  • I would still want to know that they are aware I was abusively reported for nothing

  • in your case it was a spam/scam attempt that should result in that user’s account to be blocked

However, this part here made me think if the “report” button in Inbox has any effect at all or if CS even monitors or checks the reports :thinking:


I contacted customer support. :smiley:


What happens is that, there is a number set. lets say 20… If a buyer or seller is reported 20 times then his or her name is moved to the review team. So if 19 people report him or her there won’t be any effect. The reports themselves have an expiry date. So if 19 people report a person and the expiry date is 30 days, if another person reports on the 31 day this will be counted as a new report and not as an addition to the previous 19…
PS… I got this info from another service provider so it might not be the same case with fiverr

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