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One Sentence Worst Experiences on Fiverr

Just state your worst Fiverr related experience in one shortish sentence.
No naming people, no further explanations just state it briefly;
If you have experienced the same as someone else, give them a heart.
Let’s see what people go through.


My first non 5-star review felt like a kick in the teeth


Woah :open_mouth: When did you get it? :thinking: Cause I think i’m about to get one too soon :smile:

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Ages ago, in my first 3-4 months


Sometimes someone truly deranged pops up to take out their inner demons on me-- we are easy targets for these pathetic souls.

I just wanted to add that it’s extremely rare.


Well, I can tell you this about my worst experience:

  • it was not my first negative review (actually, back then it was a “Thumbs down” :-1: )

  • it was also not my first chargeback experience

  • it was not even the first (and only) time I was suspended for “spamming” (long story short, I contacted previous buyers to offer them a new service based on what they purchased, and some of them had reported me - you can’t blame me, I was young and stupid :crazy_face: )

  • nor was it the first buyer who had cursed my family and threatened me in every message


It was my first (and only) time when my account got hacked and stolen $200 of my really hard earned money, in a time when there were no extras or packages and thus you couldn’t have priced your gigs more than $5. So it was 40 orders that were made in vain (for me).

Sorry for making it more than a sentence, Eoin :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I would be very upset if that happened to me.


[quote=“Woofy31, post:7, topic:183072”]
you can’t blame me, I was young and stupid
Fair enough, you are not young any more though.
That experience is seriously nasty - cant imagine!


[quote=“eoinfinnegan, post:9, topic:183072”]
you are not young any more though.
I see what you did there :rofl:


Yeah, I know, I expect that from him now. “Irish Slight”…[You can say #UPYOUR to that in response Woofy]


Nowadays, it’s really common for buyers to leave 4.5-star reviews, back in the days it was a different story.

Anway, my worst experience was the first encounter of the so-called “Dear Sirs”, when I did the work and they wanted me to cancel. Three years ago, just as Woofy said, I was also, too young and I was a bit dumb. Just a kiddo and I had no clue that such thing as “Terms of Service” existed, scared of a negative review, I offered the refund, and cried for a day. I lost $5, and then it started happening once a month, with buyers from the same two countries, which I won’t name. :frowning:

If it wasn’t for guys like you, I would never actually read the terms of service, I would never update my gigs.


Oh and you got flagged. And then you are wondering why you can’t get the badge “Regular”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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[quote=“wp_kid, post:13, topic:183072”]
Back to back 3msg was blocked
It had happened once to me, I have lost an order, the buyer wanted his e-mail to be written on the social media cover, I didn’t get any message from him, and after four days a cancellation request because I hadn’t helped him put the e-mail in a long time. And after few days I get a notification, open it and the message was.
“WOW, perfect design, would you please add my email address and you can deliver again”

A 4.5 star review after more than 10 revisions. ( Constant script changes )

OT for @writer99025

I thought you said “its just a game…” No…??


People who don´t read the rules before buying/messaging/posting. :wink:


A nutty seller who sent me an attachment of a creepy photo, when I changed my mind about working with him.


The client which gave me a 3.5 stars review after he sent me his text handwritten, even though I CLEARLY say in my description I don’t do handwritten texts.
It’s written in bold cursive text.