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ONE Short Advice to all New Logo and Graphic designer Sellers Not making Sales

I am a professional graphic designer in 2D and 3D logos. I became a seller on fiverr about 5 months ago and as a new seller on fiverr i kept dreaming of that day wen i will move from being a new seller to a level one seller. I visited this forum more than 10 times a day just to get tips from top rated sellers who had written tips about how i could make more sales on fiverr. I believe most new sellers on fiverr have read some of this articles and if they have noticed, they must have realize that all of this writers are writing one and the same thing in different words. Some of the Information they wrote are listed below
1)Upload a video explaining what you do.
2)Give a good description of what you are offering( Don’t copy and paste).
3) Share your gig on social media networks.
4)Upload nice pictures
5)Do research on the niche that pays a lot.
6) Keywords etc… you can name the rest.
All of these above listed information are some of the thinks that most of the top rated sellers provide to us the new sellers. Some of this points actually work while others do not work( That is just the simple true). This is true for some niches here on fiverr but its a big false to the graphic designing category( logo design)
I am not here to give you any new tips on how to get more sales but to tell you my story of how i moved from being a new seller to a level one seller. I believe after reading this, you will may have a re-think about why you joint fiverr and if you will wanna continue here on fiverr. This applies to all graphic designers (logo designers)
No matter how much you optimize your gig and give it the best look and everything That can attract buyers to your gig, you will still find out that you are not having sales not to even talk of views and impressions. Here on fiverr " its the rich getting richer with more orders while the poor keeps getting poor(new sellers and some level one sellers). When i started as a news seller, weeks went by without me having a single view not to talk of an order. I kept on having Just impressions. Finally wen i had my first order, i was very happy and i kept on believing that i will have more others as days go by. After my first order i made another 2 weeks without an order but finally i had an order few days into the third week and from that time i started dreaming of being a level one seller. I was so anxious that i will soon be a level one seller but that anxiousness was cut short when i later found out that i needed to make 10 orders to get to the next level. But as weeks passed, i was gradually accepting the bitter truth which was that i had to be patient and wait for my own time. As i got new orders from my customers, i gave them the best of me which was finally what has given me a level one badge. All the orders i did were so good that my buyers invited their friends and that is how i moved up the ladder and after 3 months in a very competitive logo designing market here on fiverr I became a level one sellers. After becoming a level one sellers on fiverr, i had about 16 new orders in the space of 14 days and that is when i saw the difference between level one and being a new seller. Right now my new target is a level two badge and am right on course to archiving that in two months as its the case. My simple advice which i will want to give all new sellers is that for them to archive a level here on fiverr, you should do every new order that comes to you as if that was the last order you will ever get and please do the order well such that your buyer will always thinks of you each time he sees the logo you made.
To conclude, the short phrase i wanna give to all new sellers (graphic designers-logo designing) is that " keep believing and be patient for your time will come". There is no hurry in life but if you are not a patient person, then i guess fiverr isn’t a place for you so i will advice you quit. If you want to learn more or make an order for my gig, you can visit the link below

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