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One small order all day, please stop showing average prices on my gigs, thank you


I’m disgusted that I haven’t had the kind of sales today I’ve been getting the last six days and I think it’s due to my average prices showing.

I’ve been here over four years so I can’t help noticing that something is definitely wrong.

To get one tiny order all day from a new client is not normal for me, ever.

I had hoped it was over, the testing of average prices. This is what I do every day of the week so I offer this plea in the hope that someone doesn’t plan to make the average prices showing on gigs the way it will be from now on.

Sales dropped after the Fiverr's "Average selling price" Update

Changing is the only thing that will not change in the universe…:weary::weary:


Me too! I cleared $8 today (or will) and have the lowest revenues this month than… Well, ever.

I really think that there is more to this than just average prices though. No one is mentioning it as much but are you online on Fiverr for all of the time that you think you are?

I have been at my computer for 18 hours and have had my Fiver dashboard open in one web browser tab for all of that time. The thing is if I navigate to that tab I am ALWAYS offline until I refresh it and then I am offline again less than Five minutes after that. (Also, being signed into the Fiverr App doesn’t change this).

Anyway, after a lot of refreshing yesterday, I found that some of my video gigs which had wandered off to page 11 in the Fiverr search (after I just got them back to page one and two a couple of weeks ago) were back!

Also, I seem to get waves of messages right after a refresh. My theory, in this case, is that if you are not online, you are basically not available for work (due to Fiverr burying you in the search), however, at the same time, Fiverr has significantly reduced the amount of time which people register as online after their most recent activity on the site.

This to me is just silly.


That’s an interesting theory. I’m online about 12 hours a day every day. I will monitor it, thanks. I really want to know what is going on. This is a nightmare.


Me too but Fiverr doesn’t think so.


But how can I tell? I always see the green ball near my name the whole time I’m here.

I’ve never seen anything but the green ball when I’m here. I just now went to the dashboard and was still online. I am always flipping around from page to page though so maybe that’s why.


Agree that showing average price is a bit of a deterrent. It has two effects on me as a buyer,

  1. Wait, I’m not buying as much as the other buyers, so she or he won’t give me the same stellar service as them.

  2. Wait, Why am I paying more than everyone else? Maybe I should order less.

Either way, average price is a turn off for me.

BTW, I’m seeing starting at prices for everyone today. It varies from day to day for me.


Yes. This is (I think) part of the problem. My little green ball says I am online but if I refresh the page it goes to offline before switching back to green. Then after about 5 minutes, I’ve noticed that while my ball is still green, if I visit Fiverr via a non-logged in Firefox window, my profile appears as offline until back in Chrome which I use normally (and where I am logged in) I hit refresh.


Well I just got another order! Wheee! :wink:


I’m on mobile right now, but my


Is that what you say to people who you want to get rid of, by pretending your phone went dead?


To be honest, I don’t think the average price is the responsible for the sudden lack of orders lately. I’ve been getting less and less orders ever since Fiverr started messing with the algorithm a few months ago.

I had a steady flow of orders since 2012, but now I’m struggling to get a couple of orders a day. People also say that there are less orders this time of the year, but that is only true to an extent.

I documented every day since 2012 and this is my worst month ever, by far. In august of 2013 I was delivering 20 orders a day (on average) in august of 2014 I was delivering 15 orders a day (on average), in august of 2015 I was delivering 15 orders a day (on average), and finally in august of 2016 I was delivering 10 orders a day (on average). It’s true that there are better months, but august is never like this one. Now I am delivering one order a day (on average), mostly from returning customers. That’s unbelievable! I was delivering 5 orders a day a few weeks ago, but now it feels like the site is completely dead, even though I know that’s not the case, since other sellers are still swamped in orders.

I really don’t get it. I’ve been here since 2012, have completed almost 16,000 orders, have almost 8,000 positive reviews, have 100% rating (5.0 stars), only slightly over 1% orders cancelled, 2 gigs with over 2,000 positive reviews, one gig with over 1,000 positive reviews, one gig with almost 1,000 positive reviews, and one with almost 500 positive reviews. I also had a gig in Spanish with several positive reviews, but Fiverr discontinued the Spanish version of the site, and that gig got removed.

None of my gigs are getting orders. I can find my best selling gig when I search for specific popular keywords. It is almost at the top, almost right next to some other gigs that are swamped in orders. It is also on the second page of the SEO subcategory when sorted by “Avg. Customer Review”, which is not the best placement ever, but still should manage to get me enough orders, but that’s not the case. Every week my impressions go down, less people contact me, less orders, etc.

I really don’t get it. Customer support tells me that they don’t guarantee placements, impressions or views. All they provide is a platform and we are responsible to get the traffic for our gigs. Ok, fine, I get it. I get that if you have a new gig, you should drive traffic to get it going, but when you have gigs with thousands of positive reviews, I think they should reward that achievement. How? At least give them priority when sorted by “Avg. Customer Review”. How is it possible that gigs with hundreds of reviews, outrank gigs with thousands of reviews? I don’t get it. It’s like all those positive reviews are for nothing. They seem to have no worth at all. I even tried updating keywords, title, description, etc. But nothing really works.

Now, my theory is that buyers are not getting the same results that I am getting when I surf my subcategory or even when I perform a search with my keywords. I think that’s why my gigs are not getting enough impressions lately. I mean, there’s no other logical explanation for the sudden lack of orders. My gigs seem to be almost at the same place as they were before all this. Also, my average prices are not very high ($9, $8, etc.), so I don’t think that’s what’s causing the sudden lack of orders. Remember, impressions are also down for me, not only views. If the average price is the problem, then I should be getting the same amount of impressions but less views. That’s not the case, though

I am grateful for all the business that Fiverr has provided over the years, but man! Seems like the new algorithm is not helping old highly rated sellers at all. To me, that doesn’t make any sense, and it totally sucks.


I have had a run of 6 almost normal days this week but today it was back to the way it was with two new orders. I’ve had four and a half steadily increasing years here and a very stable business until recently.

I can’t identify why it is happening. If I do get new clients they seem to make sure they pay as little as possible now and I think that is due to seeing my average prices. They want it for less than average-- much less.


Maybe they want to give new sellers a chance. Don’t you think?


We were all new sellers at one point and new sellers already get a really good deal by appearing as new arrivals higher in search results than many established sellers.


BTW, Average Prices are broken. They don’t change they remain static for me. In the last week, one of my gigs has only gotten orders between $60 - $120 yet the average is still below $30? The fudge?
The sales were for a social media client. Not Fiverr traffic.


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I remember a while back a new seller suggested hiding gigs by older established sellers to give new sellers a better chance. Maybe they took this suggestion to heart and implemented it.


I hope not.

It’s a dog eat dog world. They say all is fair in love and war.

5r is love and war.

Newbies have to prove themselves. Everyone started at the bottom and struggled to make sales.


I decided to see how many orders I got from Fiverr before and after the Average prices…someone needs to put an end to this shit show now. At this point, I’m inclined to write a passive aggressive email to Fiverr or at least try to get in touch with the CEO through Fiverr. This is how pissed I am. @gina_riley2 tell that to the search algorithm, recommended section in every category and these Fudged up Average Prices.