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One star ranking

Hi Dear All.
I publish my ist graphic design gig 5 months ago and get my ist order some days ago , the client demanded 3 revisions and I provide him many extras but he gave me one star on ranking
now what I can do to rank my gig up because I can’t suppose getting order with this low ranking
Kindly suggest me what i can do to make my gig rankup

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What was the reason for 1 star?

all was going good he shared the concept , i provided him 4 designs through which he accepted one.

nothing was wrong between conversation and the whole order but he ended with 1.0 ranting that hurt me

You can disable your account, contact fiverr customer support and ask them to disable your account and start with a new one.

And how long it will keep it like that, after each one star review disable account ? :smiley:


What would be the point of that?

The seller got their first sale in, client left a review stating the service “isn’t that good”.

If the OP were to delete their account and start anew, what would change?

They would still face the same problem with their new gig if the service isn’t “that good”.


I keep my all orders doing more then they asked, giving 30% + to the order of my own creativity and manage it to look more better then they paid, offering something what can be done easy for free when have premium order. Thats how i keep my all orders 5 stars + getting much more tips and from that i get loads of sales, and back coming customers all the time.

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Yes, you are right but I thought if the buyer left an unfair review and the OP is good what he offer.

the buyer just demanded one revision , i have already provided him 3+ design between them he chose one.
I dd’not get the point of 1.0 ranking from his end

what should I do now?
stick to my 1.0 star ranked gig?
or make a new one

Have you considered what you offer is not that good?

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I don’t think my services are unsatisfactory

these days , I just want to work for ranking , even i can deliver free work :smiley: JUST to boost up my gig ranking

Please read fiverr TOS. You can’t offer free servic.

Well 100% of your clients so far think you aren’t very good.

You are 0 for 1, right out the gate.

I don’t think you have a form grasp over how the economy works, or what is allowed on the platform you joined.

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i have read all the TOS of fiverr, i knew i can’t offer free service

To be honest, this is the worst thing that can happen if you are new. I’d also say that this kind of thing is more likely to happen when you are new and priced at $5. Some buyers only order from $5 sellers and these same people often have extraordinarily high expectations.

If I was you, I’d delete this gig. Then I’d replace it with a similar gig targeting a more specific market. There is a growing market for things like crypto/Bitcoin merchandise. Come up with some catchy crypto slogans and graphics and create a gig along the lines of "I will Create Your Fun Bitcoin T-Shirt Design."

Or go another completely different route. Just make sure you are targeting a specific market and price yourself at somewhere around the $20 mark. You also need to write a full gig description, not just a few lines.

It might not work, but something like this could help you recover your profile from the abyss.

Of course, you could end up with another 1-star review. If that were to happen, you would then need to take a long hard look at whether you have the skills necessary to deliver what you say you can.


It’s actually depends on own interest :neutral_face: