One star review from new account, buyer called me a "fraud"


After more than 27 5 star reviews and tips coming from very happy custommers for a particular gig, I now get this 1 star review from a new account… In the review, she is being rude overall, calling my service a “fraud” and is telling people to go buy something else.

When taking a look at the account, I find out that it was in fact created in january of this year, the same month that the review was made.

What this looks like, is a competitor trying to pull down my ratings with a 1 star review. I have sent them a request for them to change their review along with a kind message asking them if they opened their files properly and did take a look at the material delivered.

I have not heard back from the custommer… What should I do at this point?


You should notify customer support immediately. If customer support is somewhat familiar with you and your reputation, they will take action.


Thank you! I just did. I’ve been great with my custommers so far, so hopefully they can see through this


Gig ranking went down quite a bit too, hopefully it goes back up where it used to be


It will in a couple of days.


CS is very reserved about taking reviews down. Although it could well be a competitor, and you have a great rep - they won’t take the review down without really feeling it was done to manipulate your rankings.

Other than that, they say, contact the buyer, and request a revision. They also say they can’t remove a review without the buyer’s permission…which sucks – because if it is someone –
such as a competitor – lying to get you knocked down the rankings – how likely is it that they’re suddenly going to be HONEST, when you ask them to revise their review?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Catch 22.


If I gave the buyer a refund, would the review automatically go away? Or would I need to ask them to do it?

What’s raising a red flag is that I clearly state in the description what the gig is… here is the review. Buyer is from the Netherlands …and with this kind of english throws another red flag

This is fraud and deception. This is not a coaching course. It’s a lot of stuff that you have to learn yourself. Better for this money, buy a really good and quality book


No the review stays.


I wouldn’t worry about it - there are always some who can’t be pleased for whatever reason.

I would not imagine someone would try to target you in this way. New sellers come here all the time, it is not really a red flag in itself. The English seems fine for a Dutch person, they have a high % of English speakers as a second language there and the second sentence is structured in a way that Dutch people speak.

The reviews speaks into what they thought they were getting and that it did not match expectations - few buyers ever consider that perhaps their expectations were the issue, not the gig :slight_smile: