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One star review

I’ve had a one star review regarding an article I didn’t deliver on time.
The customer bought my gig but didn’t clearly state what he wanted, so I messaged him three times asking what he wants and got no reply.
I couldn’t write for him because he didn’t clearly state what he wanted. I tried to contact him but got no reply.
He then cancelled the gig and left a one star review.
What can I do about this?
I don’t think it’s fair because I didn’t have the chance to write what he wanted.


It is not fair i agree with you i dont know what else to say as it just said,
are you sure he was not your competitors, as he did not pay and gave you one star review.


If you didn’t deliver on time, Fiverr prompted the buyer to cancel. Fiverr marked you with a one star review for failing to deliver. That’s fair. If you couldn’t deliver, you should have canceled the order yourself.


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I did cancel in the end, but still got one star


You needed to cancel before it was late.


I wanted to give him the opportunity to get back to me. Why didn’t he reply to my messages? I think this is totally unfair due to it not being my fault. I tried contacting him.

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I have no idea why a buyer does something. Maybe he was sick. Maybe he didn’t understand. Who knows?

It is up to you as the business owner to cancel before an order runs late. If the buyer doesn’t respond the system will cancel automatically. If there isn’t enough time for that, you can ask Support to cancel it before it runs late.

You can feel it’s unfair, but that is how Fiverr works, so a feeling doesn’t help you. What I’m saying will help you avoid future bad reviews.


Thanks, I’ll learn from this


You may want to explain what happened from your end so that new buyers looking at your gig will know what happened. :thinking:


UGH I’m sorry. How frustrating. Do you know how you can respond to a review (not on mobile)? Leverage this in a professional manner.

I would figure out a message to respond to unscrupulous buyers like this, as long as you don’t reveal anything about the buyer or his order/purchase as all orders and messages should be confidential.

This message can articulate the key messages of your brand and what you need to function optimally. I know it’s frustrating, but a lot of people take those kinds of reviews with a grain of salt, and if you write a professional and articulate response, chances are that a lot of buyers will lean towards believing you over the buyer.

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same happened with me…the buyers asked other seller to work on the site but i didnt knew…that and i myself did all the changes…and the seller thinks that i didnt do the changes…so he gave me 1 star…this is not fair too.
But the the forces and the energy fields of which the world is made up of…the same think might come back to him one day.

same happened with me …after cancellation the buyers feedback was still showing…and i can reply to his reply.