One thing i know


hey pals, since i have been working on fiverr, i have a limited offer but on all gigs i have delivered in the past,i make sure i produce a very good attractive rendering for my clients and they were always contented with my productions.i tried to satisfied people that contacted me for their works, but despite the fact of this, i had view reviews on my profile and one thing i know is that i produces the best work. my question now is, can a seller beg for good rating from buyers? i don’t want to look that much cheap .


I don’t see any reviews on your gigs.You seem to only have one review from a gig you no longer have published.

Anyway you can’t beg for a review, or pressure a buyer to write something, or even leave a review.

Just took a quick look and I’m sorry but if you are as good as you say you are, it’s not apparent to the buyer. You need more samples of past work, and a better gig description.

Also consider lowering your rates for the first few orders to get the ball rolling


Thank you frank,suggestion noted, and yes the gig that had the review was deleted.