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One thing you are struggling with most on Fiverr

The 20% that Fiverr takes.

Are your watches really Made in Australia, or are they just from Ali Baba? I’ve already found a few companies there that use that font and that watch style… my God, they’re making a killing.

The 20% is reasonably fair, considering you don’t have to spend ages bidding etc. I wouldn’t mind if it was reduced a bit once you hit a monthly threshold (say $500 = 10% fee or whatever). This isn’t really the place to be flogging your watches, though. Maybe try eBay/Amazon and sex up the description a lot? I see sellers on eBay are flogging them for €30 a pop.

http://www.******************************** I mean, “not specified” material and leather…

…I’d be wary of some revised reviews in the future if I were you, though international shipping may save you yet.

Kickstarter suspended this watch. http://www.******************************

My point is, you will be found out. I could go on all night finding examples. If you’re worried about the 20%, you’re worrying about the wrong thing.

But what do users think? This is a taste of your reviews if they can get them within 30 days. http://www.******************************

OK I’ll stop now.

Speaking of cheap watches, I wish there was a gig for a cheap fake rolex that looked sort of real. A friend sent me one from a New York street market years ago and it worked pretty well even though it was an obvious fake. It was fun. They aren’t that easy to get online since Rolex clearly doesn’t want them sold and I suppose the fakes are illegal. Is it illegal if they call them replicas? Anyway, I eventually shattered mine in a racquetball court so I wish I could find another one. :smiley:

Oh, they do that in China too! Put it this way, it’s all made in China these days, so the factories do a double agent thing and run off a fake, slightly imperfect version. To the highest bidder–you won’t find this stuff on Ali Baba, you’ll need to know what you’re doing (or have a very friendly local contact). Bit like those fake paintings–even experts are fooled.

This, however, just needs one close up shot (see the KIckstarter for glorious HD) to reveal that it’s not wood. That it’s even wood is debatable (see Ali Baba) and luxury? See Amazon reviews.

Meanwhile, OP is sad because he’s being fleeced of 20% by Fiverr. Ah, my sides.

EDIT: Interesting Business Insider link on the above: I was being a bit hyperbolic about the same factories, but…

Nng… the same wood, just “men’s edition”. The reviews are awful http://www.******************************