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ONE three star review out of 444 completed gigs lowered my OVERALL RANK by 1%!


THIS NEW SYSTEM SUCKS. We have all seemed to say it.

This is ridiculous. The reason behind my lowered rank is because the star system is separate from the thumbs up system.

So I have less than 100 total star rated gigs, so this is why my entire ranking has been lowered. Ranking now ONLY goes by stars.

So technically, I’m at 100%, now I’m showing 99% for ONE THREE STAR REVIEW.

This fear-based lifestyle that I now have to live in thanks to this ranking system is ridiculous.

Especially when someone whose gig I submitted two months ago comes out of the woodwork and gives me three stars! I contacted them and offered a free article to make up for whatever they thought "sucked."

Which is an extra 30 minutes to an hour for me – just because of this CRAP NEW REVIEW SYSTEM.



And welcome to Fiverr new rating system! ~X(


I feel for you. I’m dreading the day that I get my first bad review. So far I’ve gotten reasonable customers, but I don’t know how long my luck will hold.

Saddest part is, this ^^ shouldn’t be a worry. I’m disappointed in fiverr for not listening to people. People that make them a lot of money, too. It just doesn’t make any sense to me >:(


:slight_smile: Move on… That’s what fiverr wants you to do

kjblynx said: That happened to me with the thumb rating too; 1 thumbs down makes you no longer a 100%.

No it didn't.

1 out of 400+ would not have been - any percentage with the old system.

Having said that, what's more frustrating is that another TRS tried to suggest this wasn't the case. Now it may be because he has 1000's of sales rather than 100's. :(


Well, it’s not 444 Gigs. Each Gig stands alone as far as ratings go so it’s 1 out of 118. You still are rated 5 stars for that Gig and so are all of your others. If it were me, I would consider it a “non event”


It is just simple math. 1 negative out of 400+ should still round up to 100%


Welcome to the 99%!


It’s really too bad that we do live a “fear-based lifestyle”. I’m not here to compare who matters more, buyers vs sellers, we all serve our purpose. However Fiverrs support heavily favors the buyers and it’s wrong. What do buyers have to fear? I mean even if they get a crappy seller, they receive a full refund to go to a different seller. Buyers are held to no set of standards. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great buyer. I owe my business to them. Unfortunately though there are a lot of bad buyers also. By having no repercussions and even full company support, this system has become a very cozy breeding ground for the scammers.

Fiverr should do something to correct this, if only to protect themselves. Any business as big as Fiverr will prompt like businesses to sprout up. So far none have proven to be a serious competitor but eventually another site will catch on and offer some serious competition. All that other site will have to do to take the lead is give a crap about the welfare of its sellers (aka the people responsible for making the money). I know I’m not alone in saying that if there was a company just like Fiverr but offered adequate seller protection and buyer responsibility, the choice would be easy.

It’s a shame that sellers are continually put in these positions. I have a hard time believing that the company is unaware considering every other forum post talks about it. Maybe someday a change will come…


Reply to @missashley8705: I don’t see why fiverr would do anything about this, but I completely agree that they should. Unfortunately, I think it’s more important for them to please buyers and get the revenue up. Sellers can come and go, especially with gigs being so interchangeable and copied.


Hmmm it is really unfair. (:expressionless: