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One way i got lots of orders from old buyers

Hello am rume
I have a few tips on how I got orders from returning buyers,
Here we go i sat down and i started messaging all my old buyers one by one like "Hi how are you doing? it’s been a while hope all is well. just checking on you ?"
some of then might have forgotten you even exist.
Make the message awesome you will be surprised thank me later.


I buy regularly on Fiverr.
If someone sends me a message like that I am likely to report them for spam.
Also, a massage is very different to a message :wink:


what do you mean Moderator?

What part do you not understand? Or is it the word Moderator?


your reply hurts, or are you trying to damage this topic?

There’s certainly nothing quite like receiving a nice cold slice of spam from an old familiar out of the blue. I hope that this marketing strategy works out for you.

You shouldn’t be sending former buyers messages asking for work.

I agree with you when you say the massage should be made awesome though.


That,s a cool idea very nice of you, in school you should be one of the best students ever.

That is a very good idea!
But how to do massage on fiverr? If you came up with a new gig about online message, I am interested in buying one :smiley:

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Gosh, a Swedish massage sounds good. :smile:
Toss in some aromatherapy, yeah that’ll make it awesome!


Sorry, I don,t sell it as a gig just install fiverr app and do the
messages manually, many buyers will be pissed off receiving bot messages.

You could get a warning from Fiverr or even be banned if your old buyers report you for spamming. I wouldn’t suggest contacting people like that. If they have forgotten about you then let it go.


I am a new seller here and I do this always