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One way to get more orders that I've learned has really helped

So recently I had a voice over gig that I thought was fantastic and thought, ya know, what if I made a post like this on my Instagram and shared it? Well I did. It wasn’t the same one that I sent but it was inspired by it and, with the right hash tags and a bit of luck, got a couple orders out of it! Of course I made sure after a nice little description that I put a plug in for my fiverr account, but I was pretty happy about that. So if you are a bit slow, try that! Make a demo like thing for your social media, throw those hash tags in there and see how it does! Ya never know. You might get some more orders.


I also shared one of my Bookmarking Gig in twitter but unfortunately I forgot to put hashtags on my post. Next time I will ensure to put hash tags.


Also sharing on LinkedIn is beneficial.


Hey Barrelfmonkeys, I will definitely try this tip as i am getting no orders, just received queries. So, I want to try this one too. This may be helpful in getting the orders in que.