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One way to stop buyers cheating

there is one way i found that helps the seller and secure them more

today i made a project for buyer he asked me i forgot to buy r=premium package i canceled it for him and lost my 20% rating then i he again chose the same package i added extras than i made video for his website after i made it all he said i dont want this i want my app video but he never told me about app before we were talking about website i asked him i will make that too for net order he said ok but when i deliver the website video fully HD 1920*1080p he rejected it by saying its poor quality and cancel the order and affect my rating 10% more now he has the video that i deliver but what i get is 30% drop down in my rating.

solution: fiverr should allow deliver project for download by buyer after he marks it complete and gives review before that he can only see it on fiverr in this way there is no way buyer can cheat and i think that must be done as early as possible i spend 3 days on it my money is gone my time is gone and my rating is gone and i am so disappointed that fiverr has no way to deal with it (as far as i know)

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If that’s the promo video gig you might not earn anything from it unless the basic gig price is > $168 probably.

i am also facing the same problems till now over 15 buyers cancelled order after i gave everything they asked they even took extra works from me normally the work which i do takes me 1 hour but these buyers kept taking extra works on which i worked my a$s off several hours thinking they will be satisfied but NO. at the end they kept sending dispute to cancel the order all of them, even that in some cases i contacted customer support yet customer support cancelled my order without having my any mistakes… i mean seriously…

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You offer 10 YouTube intros with unlimited revisions for $5. That’s an invitation for scammers.

Isn’t there the watermark feature for videos and graphics, so that buyer only has the video with watermark now, since he didn’t complete the order? That is, if you delivered via the Deliver Now button?