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One Week To Go and It's Vacay!


5 working days until Christmas vacation. My son’s Christmas vacation started last week when he was exempted from ALL his exams (SO PROUD OF HIM!)

Yesterday, I was planning on spending the day getting all the Fiverr work that needed to be done for tomorrow and Tuesday done but plans changed and I was called into work for a time to help my boss cook up the JPD’s holiday dinner. So, I got one project done first and then started on another before I had to leave. Already this morning, I’ve managed to get two projects done and started on a third. I have just two more projects due tomorrow (7 articles altogether) and one more for Tuesday and one for Wednesday. The goal is to get all of the Mondays and Tuesdays done today and then work on the one for Wednesday tomorrow morning before work.

So much to do, so little time. I’m in my element. I work best under pressure - always have! Guess that’s why I bacame a reporter in the first place. I always started my projects late and always ended up with an A on them.

Just 5 more days and then I can say Hello Christmas two-week vacay! I am SO ready to hit the road and get out of here! Yes, I’ll be taking my computer with me but only because I know I wake up early and will work on articles before I venture out. I always do and I find myself bored when I don’t do something. However, only the longer timeframe gigs will remain up. In about a day, I’ll be pausing all but one,

Cannot wait!


And you should be! :blush:

I have been struggling with what to do about the time I want to take off for Christmas. When I did OOO, it took about 10 - 14 days to get back to where I was. So now I am thinking of pausing my two more labor intensive gigs and extending the due dates on all of the others. Then I will gauge the effect and know what to do next time I need time off. :confused:

Enjoy your vaca! :beach_umbrella:


I know you will have a great time emeraldawnn. I wish I could take a vacation myself. It would take me more than two weeks to wind down and relax and not be thinking about fiverr constantly.


Congratulations to your son!

This may well be the mantra for most of us during this Holiday season. :wink:

Here’s hoping you have a great Christmas vacation!


Well, with 11 orders in the queue and only two of them being single orders, I decided to enact vacation mode rather than pausing them after all. It’s all good. I’m not worried about not bouncing back. If it takes a while, well, it is what it is.

Everyone have a great Christmas!


Merry Christmas, @emeraldawnn. :christmas_tree: :gift: