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One week today and 2 orders on Fiverr!

Hello everyone,

Today makes it one week as a seller on fiverr.
I created 3 gigs and I have been able to get two orders from buyer requests, one has been completed while the other has been delivered.

My first sale was great, went smoothly and I even delivered 21hours ahead of schedule. I got a really nice comment from the buyer saying ‘quick and easy’ and also four stars.

I have been unable to make new offers to buyer requests as a result of it being less than 90 percent and I kind of feel stuck.

I will appreciate it if you checkout my gig!

I look forward to more exciting times on my fiverr journey…Thank you


Feels like you are kind of marketing and working pro, congratulations. People always complain about not getting orders. You are the opposite

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Thank you very much. All I did was continually refreshed buyers request page and made offers, but now I am no longer able to bid on buyers request, feels sad.

Thank you very much.