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One word for this kind of request. [[aajabto]]


Beyond zero campaign



maybe the person got confused between “nothing” and “anything?”


I wonder what would happen if someone placed an order. Get a blank delivery with a note here is nothing.


How appropriate the picture is of a plant.


and $5 for doing nothing in 3 days…


I added that plant to cover the picture. I was thinking that the request was so fruity.


I heard that in “Japan”(I might be wrong) that worker who is found sleeping is given a bonus because the boss thinks that the guy has been working so hard hence the fatigue


Wow…So kind…Japanese work culture sounds pretty cool.


hahahahahah that was funny i see alot of people they post request for fun :slight_smile:


Um, I’m from Tokyo Japan, the land of workaholics, I’m pretty darn sure that’s not true…
BUT I guess it could depend on the company…???
It ain’t gonna happen at my workplace, that’;s for sure! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: