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One year on Fiverr and 100 orders completed

i just finished my first year of working here and reached 100 orders completed, 12 orders unrated and 17 orders cancelled. (117 orders in total)

How much orders did you get in your first year ?

Awesome Job!

That is impressive stats. I hope to get my first gig soon. I am so ready. I have had my gigs up about 3 weeks I guess. I have improved them somewhat. Congrats! that is Awesome!

Congratulations Imadu!

96 rated and 37 not rated (total 133 with 100% positive rating) orders in around 40 days.

Nice one, dude!

Good Job!! I completed 9 month with 966 Orders!

Good job. Go ahead

Reply to @landongrace: Thank you ! although i know that a lot of people get 100 orders per month :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @redrose1: I wish you can get order soon…
Don’t be dishearten… Use forum… get help from people to improve your profile and gigs…


Reply to @muhammadpunhal: Thank you Bro :smiley:

Reply to @ilovenish: Wow :o that is really awesome

Reply to @sara1984: Thank you :slight_smile:

Reply to @mallika255: Thank you ! but Your number is HUUUGE !! Great Job

Reply to @imadou: Yes it is… now 967 :smiley:

Reply to @murshed700: Thank you

Reply to @imadou: Just noticed it’s my one year anniversary too! :slight_smile: Snap!

Reply to @sara1984: the difference is that you’re doing much better