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Ongoing fraud - beware

I’ve just received this message

It’s not the first time this kind of fraud is reported here on Fiverr, naturally everytime from a different user.

Customer Support has already been warned and this user is going to be banned very soon.

In the meanwhile, please do not share your personal details with this person, do not send emails, do not call him or your account could be restricted and, worse, you could lose your money.

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Thanks for sharing

I wonder whether such an obvious old school scamming technique works anymore nowadays. :wink:

Yeah - agree with @willpower_hk! Almost makes me nostalgic for those emails from Nigerian princes!

@david388 Nigerian?

@mark74 i see. thanks for the notification

I feel really bad for Country images and names that are being dented because of desperation of some few, if it doesn’t work anymore, I’m sure they would have found a better alternative it has to be that some people still fall victim to these lies.
Let’s all be watchful
Thanks Mark.

Sorry Price Jonas Oumar, fiverr’s TOS do not allow us to contact you outside fiverr… :-c


User account has already been removed from Fiverr, good job :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post and beware us!
Please keep it up!

Reply to @willpower_hk: probably they don’t work anymore… but if just a single user gets scammed that’s too much… so I decided to warn everyone :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74:
I now treat these messages as good opportunities to increase my response rate and response time (maybe…), using a quick response:

"Thanks so much for your kindness. Your generosity has prompted me to report your message as a spam. Your account will soon be banned on Fiverr.

Keep the treats for yourself. Cheers!"

:D/ :D/ :D/

Reply to @willpower_hk: I enjoyed sending a custom offer instead :smiley:

Reply to @swahilipro: it’s called nigerian scam because the first one like this was coming from Nigeria if I’m not wrong.
Search for “nigerian scam” on Google and you’ll find a lot of sites: one is

Reply to @mark74: I update the forums when I get a new spin on one too. There are some young people on Fiverrr and you just don’t want those $ signs to trick anyone. Thanks Marco!!

Reply to @david388: I still get those! Poor unlucky David. :wink: