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Online activation off sometime

why some time my online activation pin off ? I refresh again and again but nothing any change .
please help anybody :worried:


This is a recurrent problem affecting everyone.


Are you Facing this problem?

Sometimes it happens.

Right same problem with me !

This is true, I’ve also encountered this problem specially while using the Desktop. The green sign on the Profile Picture on the top right turns to grey many times. I think it’s a bug from Fiverr.

try to refresh every 3 or 4 minutes. and it’s normal thing activation pin off, don’t worry.

@mjaninea Bug! it’s not at all. something it happened of bug’s problem but most of cases
this problem is created, If you refresh too late.

It’s a bug from fiverr. I hope fiverr will fix it soon.

Having same problem too :neutral_face: