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Online badge for all online users


Ok so I have a windows phone and as you know there is no Fiverr app for it.

Well I can wait till they develop an app for windows phones however why are you shown the Online badge only when you have app installed?

This makes no sense ! I’m online most of the time but just because I don’t have a app (Because Fiverr never developed one ), I’m not shown to be online.

How many of you think that Fiverr should show the Online badge to every seller who is actually online no matter what platform he using.

Thank you everyone and I’m sorry if there has been another thread about this.

Peace and love to you all.


Too many badges and things will end up confusing people. Also, most sellers just want buyers that will deliver clear instructions in one simple message. I certainly don’t want a lot of back and forth. Chatting is a huge time killer.