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Online but they show my gigs offline


Hello everyone,

I am in online from mobile and desktop!
but the problem is my gig showing offline, today I search my gig with keyword and apply an online filter they didn’t show my gig in this filter even I’m online
I was seen my gigs offline other all member gig now show online.

Have anyone facing this problem?



Same problem, Maybe They Don’t Show Own Gigs


my sales is decreasing otherwise I got daily one two query but in these days none of them.


This is an ongoing recurrent problem affecting everyone.


then there is no solution? why fiverr not paying attention to bugs? they focus on adding more features. @lloydsolutions


Nope - no solution. :sunny:


I’m also facing same problem


Please see @lloydsolutions answer :arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small:


Ok. Thanks for your reply


I did not get enough message from buyer after this problem . this is pretty annoying


Dear all this could happen because you logged into fiverr using a different network (maybe same device)

Logging in with a different account ( say, you went to a restaurant and used their wifi tp use fiver on your phone)

Solution is simple whenever yoi change your network like this and go back to your regular network (such as your own wifi)
Please logout from your device and then logij instantly oj the same device

Hope this will help
Thanks all


Facing the same problem. Sometimes my gigs has vanished from the search result page.Tried to contact CS but of no help.


Thanks, @sayedussadat for your reply I’ll take care of it for future.


welcome friend!!!