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Online button search


I would like to see a online search button within each category. Im both a buyer and seller here on fiverr, but as a buyer sometimes you need to find out something quickly and when you message them it may take a day or longer for them to respond.

I know that you can see if people are online, but it can take a while to search through all the fiverrs to find someone.

It helps people who are online more often and that are easy to contact.

I know some people sit online but are not actually at the computer, maybe fiverr could create an ‘away’ feature, when these uses havent be active after a certain period,

any thoughts?


I agree! I would find it very helpful both as a buyer and seller. Having another filter for “online” sellers would definitely be useful to me.


yes i agree, should be made available for computer users aswell. you cant even do any work on the app, so its not like people using the app are actually working.


Totally agree. How come they haven’t acted on this?