Online chat option for buyers and sellers


Hello everyone and Fiverr

I have a small suggestion for your site improvement.

Is it possible to give us online chat facility on fiverr, like Facebook chat or Google plus chat. it will be an advantage for all sellers and buyer.

Thank you


I also like the idea. I was messaging with someone but it was just too slow. Fiverr couldn’t keep up. The seller and I had to move to G-chat so that we could get anything done.


Reply to @crobertsbmw: By moving to G-chat, both you and the seller have broken Fiverr’s rules.

The messaging system usually works fine if you’re specific about what you need and concise.


well for psychics like me, an instant chat window would keep others from going offsite to say Skype etc to do it.


some times fiverr messaging is bit slow. that’s why i suggest chat option for fiverr. and we can see buyer online states too.

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You are spamming.


I am a graphic designer and sometimes it is necessary to have an instant conversation with a buyer and fiver messages are way too slow, the ideal would be that like any other chat it should have status options so if you want to not be disturbed you can be invisible