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Online Chatting

You should attend to your customers online on Fiverr and solving his problem . Through online chatting on Fiverr and thus finalizing the deal and be connected while working on your customers work.

I really enjoy conversing with my customers and sellers, and not just for support! It has been the best part about being on Fiverr so far. I’ve met so many wonderful people in less than a month, just buying and selling. It really adds to the value of what we are doing here.

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I too feel great about the Fiverr Platform . I have seen wonderful seller here on this platform and they provide lot of things at just #5 , this great. Actually, what Problems I am facing is the time of response which a seller takes to comment on any need and also it delays the deal to finalize.

If we had online platform , we can view all the seller available chat with them make understand our need and finalize the deal with a days time.

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