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Online courses *certifications*


Hello everyone :smile: :cherry_blossom:
I was wondering “which website is the best for online courses?”
in general and which one is better than the another in specific topics?

I didn’t take any online courses in English, all of them are in Arabic my native language so I don’t really know which one do you recommended guys?

I’m looking for online courses that give certifications after finishing the course.

Please share your experience.
Thank you,


Coursera .com is the best. You can take classes at such places as Harvard, Princeton, Duke etc. and they do give certificates for a small fee. Or you can audit classes and take them free. They are excellent.

You watch videos of the teacher. If you audit classes you can just watch the videos if you want and it’s like being in class. If you get the certificate there are reading assignments, and class discussions online. There are a few easy quizzes online about what is covered.

They have a huge selection of courses in many subjects.


This might help too:


This just kills me. I have advanced degrees and they will not allow a pro seller status because I lack some fly-by-night online course! How is that better than my University? If it is better I want my degree freaking refunded now!


Did I say it was? I just answered someone’s question. Not everyone has the opportunity to pursue a degree. I think it’s great if someone wants to educate themselves via various courses.


You must know more than I do. Because I have never heard of someone’s gig being denied due to not having a degree or certificate. There are plenty of sellers who chose not to list their education status and they are doing just great.


Hello, did you apply for Pro status and were denied? This is interesting. I looked at your gigs and am thinking that they may not be in the focus of the subjects that they award Pro status for although that is purely a guess. They have a very narrow range of gig types they give that status to.


I’m a university student currently and I’m studying Psychology, but I really need to take some courses that help me to improve my skills and therefore my gigs that I provide.


Totally agree with that!


The degrees are specific to my best selling gig. The other two gigs were help established clients- not neccessarily to perform them as a regular gig…