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Online Easy And simple Guitar lessons!

Hi! thanks for swinging by…

since you’re already here, reading this. I’d like to invite you to join the rockstar programme, an online guitar learning platform i created.
Guitar is easy and i want people to know this!
also a guitar holds power and influence, a guitar changed my life (i know, i know it sounds silly but it happened)

anyways, any level of player is welcome, i’ll share with you science based hacks that will make you improve faster, mental tips and tricks, all the basics and yes! you can ask many questions! in fact infinite questions, and as silly as it sounds! i have lots of patience and will not judge your questions, goals or likes!

I’ll see ya there!


Hi! How do you offer the online lesson if Fiverr doesn’t allow the sharing of outside contact info like email, Hangouts or ■■■■■?

Hi Justin,

I love your gig, especially your package description names “Welcome to the jungle” and “Learning to fly” (is it Tom Petty’s song?).

P.D - Just a suggestion: I think sharing or asking for personal/contact information as ■■■■■ or whatsapp to contact customers is not allowed by Fiverr. I’d give a look at Fiverr TOS :slight_smile:

All the best