Online label filter



Can you guys add online label filter.

For Example:

If someone needs a logo and get it done within few hours then there is a filter called "show only online users only"

It will help buyers to get work done and get answers fast.



I disagree, I don’t want to be awake 24/7 to get orders, nor do I think clients should expect delivery within hours, it’s not realistic, it will also hurt sellers.


I disagree too.

There is a reason of min. 24 hours time frame on gig. And “online seller” doesn’t mean nothing. I am online when I am working, that doesn’t mean I can talk to all people who send me message.

Also if you are working few hours on any order, you cant except to get amazing quality by that. Especially logo design.


I am not talking about quality, I am just asking about online sellers.

If i need to know some answers about gig fast then what can i do?


i am disagree too!

in this way sales will be limited to your time zone only, because when you are online and awaking at that time people are from your time zone is awaking and online.

for example i am sleeping when USA clients are online so they will contact online user who most of will from usa. so i will not get any order from usa? my most of clients are from usa now.

and when i will be online my USA clients are sleeping, so i only will get orders from my time zone,

hope your understand the problem.


Reply to @app_builder: You can try messaging several sellers and see who responds fast enough for your needs.

If you really need answers fast, or a job done fast, you can contact a company in your country. That way you will know their working hours and when someone is there to answer you immediately. With Fiverr sellers, even if you see the green dot showing that they’re online, they could be working on an order, and not checking messages. Fiverr can’t possibly know when someone is available to talk to you, so they have no way of providing you with that info.