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Online lesson delivery issue

Hello everyone. Anyone please guide me that can I deliver order through video lesson through zoom or ■■■■■ etc when order is placed on fiverr or fiverr has some mechanism to link through video to our student( customer)?

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Communication from outside the fiverr as well helping students with the academic work is against the terms of service (please read the ToS).

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I do online lessons using ZOOM. It is allowed on Fiverr as long as you are completing your own worksheets and not doing any homework or work, which is from a school or university etc. In other words, your lessons must be your own work entirely. I always record my online lessons while teaching, and then send this to the customer order section as a recording. In my gig description, I tell my students that I record the lesson and send it to the order page. If they don’t like this, they must not order! This gives Fiverr a copy and they can check on your teaching. I also do it so that if there is a dispute, Fiverr has a copy and can check. It is transparency.