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Online lesson service issue

Hello fiverr community 🙋‍♂. Em new here and i was going to develop a gig about giving online lessons on my subject biology. Meanwhile through this forum I come to know that a user posted that her gig that was same to that kind of gig i was going to make was disabled by the fiverr on the base that academic stuff is not supported on the site it is against the terms and services. Kindly somebody help me to get things clear. Have a good day😊


Offering any kind of academic work is against the Fiverr Terms of Service. Please read the terms of service in full. You signed up to them when you created your profile, whether you read them or not.


First Of all, read all of these terms and conditions.
You will get your answer…


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These against fiver rules and all. So try creating any other gigs. And also read all the rules. Just my suggestion.

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Is anyone else going to repeat what @coerdelion said, just in different words? Just so you folks know, it won’t bring you sales, and it won’t make you look competent.

Back on topic: @coerdelion, isn’t it allowed to offer tutoring? There’s the entire Online Lessons subcategory, isn’t it all right to teach someone something (without doing their homework, writing their papers, doing their tests for them, and so on)?


Probably. But CS is in no mood to do much research right now … the OP should be very careful indeed about what they offer.



I remember that someone recently had their online lessons gig denied, and then it turned out, based on their reviews, that they were actually doing other people’s homework (and lied on the forum that they didn’t).


Yes thats also my point. There is an entire sub-catagory “online lessons”. I have searched for this gig on fiverr and there are active gigs working same like i am going to make and the question is if this is against the ToS then how that gigs are active🤷‍♂

Oh, some users who are breaking the rules with their gigs just haven’t been caught yet, so the fact that you can see others offering it doesn’t have to mean it’s allowed.

As @coerdelion pointed out, creating a gig like that one is risky. Perhaps it’s going to be fine, and perhaps someone will think that you’re doing academic work on behalf of others (which is strictly forbidden), and if that happens, your gig could be denied, and/or your account could get banned.

And now, due to a bunch of reasons, Customer Support is getting way too many tickets, so if you get in trouble, you might have to wait for a very long time before you get help from them.


Okayyy… That was the confusion infact thanks for clerification.

Welcome to the Fiverr community.

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@kawsarchy23 … Thanks