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Online/Offline status


How do you all change from online to offline and vice versa using fiverr on a desktop? I can not find that option at all.

I’m switching the status on my android phone. The application has a very simple button to turn online and offline. The status of the mobile app is instantly updated on the desktop.


Click on your profile picture on the top right-hand side of Fiverr’s homepage and go to “Settings”. There, you can see a field which says “online status”. On the desktop, your status turns to online automatically based on your activity on the website. You don’t have a simple button to turn your status online. If you want to go offline, you can choose one of the options from the drop-down menu that you can see beside the “online status” field.


Yes, thank you, but I know that. That is too complicated and I have to set hours…
I was looking for something simpler, like in the mobile app.


Well, then just logout. That’s the simplest. :wink:


Why do you need to show yourself as being offline? I never think about that.


Cuz when I am on my mobile device I want to check buyers request, but I can’t send examples or do some actual work. It is much simpler to appear offline instead of explaining to the buyers why you are not able to do certain things…


LoL thanks’ a lot, that was the answer I was looking for.


I did not know that you could appear to be offline but still use the site?


Yep, I do it all the time when I am busy.


How does it show you are offline? The little dot that stays green turns grey?


I noticed it sometimes turns grey even when I am on Fiverr. I check the settings under my profile picture and if it says I am online, I figure I am okay.


It says “when online your gigs are visible under the online search status” which seems like something we need to keep on.


So in the message inbox it would show you are not online so they can’t message you I guess? Or rather they think you are away from your computer.


I thought when we switched to going offline, it meant we were in vacation mode and our gigs were taken out of search, as well as preventing anyone new from messaging us.


Buyers can message you even if you are offline or think you are away from your computer.


I told you that is not as simple as it seems. That’s why I started this topic. To switch between online and offline I use the android app on my mobile. But on the desktop app on my PC it’s confusing…


So how do we go on vacation mode?


We never go on vacation…haha…but seriously I don’t know, I have never tryed that.