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"Online" on Fiverr

So, I dont know if this is me or not, but whenever im on the site i sometimes see that I am offline. I dont know how it actually works so I’d love some information on it. I always have fiverr open in a tab in case i receive any messages. Does it come on when you’re browsing fiverr? Whenever I refresh I get it. However, I have my cellphone on all the time so surely it should make me be online all the time?


hey, if you are inactive in browser fiverr you will be offline. However you can download fiverr app it helps a lot!

Thanks for stating the obvious, but as I said, I have the tab open all the time, and i browse regularly.

do you browse ON fiverr website or on another web?

Yes, i do browse on both, i check say like twitter / then 10 minutes after i check fiverr

Well i suggest you to stay online on both app and browser. Maybe you could try update or switch to another browser. :slight_smile:

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Okay thanks, hopefully more people respond as I dont know whats up if its me, or just a general known site thing.

If you type “showing offline” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

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You are not the only one. Happens to me too. The tracking doesn’t work if you are idle on fiverr on your browser.

The app will help

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Thanks for the help. ill keep the app open on my phone and see what that does! thanks

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You need to go to your settings and put your online status to always online. The online status will be active even if you’re not actually online. It helps most times cos buyers may not contact you if your status is showing offline

Where is this located exactly?

From settings. When you touch your profile picture from a desktop view of the Fiverr site, you will see settings. That’s where it is.

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It only gives me the option to go offline “forever” like you’ve listed here, thanks for the help though? Says i’m currently online, go offline for; “1 hour, 1 day, forever” etc

That means the online status is active already. What you need to do now is download the Fiverr app and put on your online status there too.

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