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Online Poll: Sri Lanka versus Pakistan - Who Will Win


At the end of the day, pakistan will win because of just very bad fielding by Sri Lanka team. Drop Catches, Run out misses, etc.

Sarfraz Did it! :slight_smile:


The Most unpredictable Sport and the MOST unpredictable TEAM. :joy: :cricket:

DAMN… What a match.


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ,Woohooo


Amir Amir Amirrrr,yayyy


Credit goes to Amir.


Well i don’t know about Pakistani Team.
Let’s see How Pakistan will face England in 1st Semi-Final.

I really want a match between India and England. Let’s see how it goes.


Who knows match can be between Pakistan and Bangladesh? It’s an unpredictable sport as @saddu_writer said.


That’s why i said, I WANT… not they will compete against each other.
But i have marked this thread as a bookmark. I will you message here… on the 1st semi Final day. :grin:


@anjylina So, Pakistan will face India in the Final Match. (most possible chances) Great. :grinning: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: ICC wants to earn high amount of money by using the Pakistani’s and Indian’s audience. What you think?


Won’t be surprised if it is a Pakistan versus Bangladesh final…it is a tournament with many surprising results.


Yes it’s possible but then think from ICC point of view… do they really want a Pakistan vs Bangladesh or Pakistan vs India.?? :joy: Don’t you think suddenly pakistan is playing too good like a gentleman game! GAMBLE!!!


It has nothing to do with ICC, whoever plays better cricket wins, as simple as that. We must give Pakistan credit for playing excellent cricket.


What to do with ICC? I’m not watching ICC playing in the ground :confused:


It’s ICC Champion Trophy. They are organising everything. Because of them every country is playing. So at the end of the day they want ROI. Everything is already fixed. Let’s see how the end goes.


Nahi yaar, no fixing. You have to appreciate the beauty of cricket, or any sport, which is uncertainty. Anything can happen.


I’m with writer.


Pakistan should win because of We want to beat them again in the Final :slight_smile: :wink:


We will see about that :smirk:.


Bhai over confidence is not good. We have to be humble, because if we lose we won’t have a face to show.


See the old track record - They never win to us in any such this kind of Series.! :smile: In the previous Match, they were not able to make half run of our Total Score :wink: