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Online portfolio link, is it allowed?

Hi everyone. I wanna ask something. is there (fiverr) allowed to attached portfolio link? in gig or in buyer request offer.

Fiverr has a built-in portfolio under each main gig image.

is it means not allowed?
But there only provided three spaces. For beginner members, it will be very difficult to convince potential buyers

I too need answer to that. A buyer asked for sample and I gave my portfolio link. He asked me several times
where is the sample.

I’m not sure what you mean. Fiverr offers a place for you to share images of work you have done, either uploaded by you, or allowed by a client after the order is complete.

Use those three spaces; that’s what you have to work with. Once you deliver more orders, you’ll gain more gallery images as a result of the work that you deliver.

its spam …spam has no place on fiverr any more so hope that at least and good luck for the future boy !!

What are you talking about? No one mentioned spam in this topic. You make no sense here, just like you’ve made no sense in the other topics you are participating in.

Please do not offer advice or commentary if you, one, didn’t read the forum topic before posting, and two, you have no idea how Fiverr works.

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Actually, no. Please do not spam other people’s topics with demands for them to come participate in your mess of a topic. Your “How to deliver on time” babble post does not relate to this topic.

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On the other hand - I’m offering a splendid gallery of comedy on his thread. I’m not sure that it counts as “education” but certainly it qualifies as “art.”


I can get onboard with the art goal. Carry on. :wink:

I also have the same question. Does anybody knows the real answer of this.

Please share your opinion

I’m not sure what kind of “real answer” you’re looking for. As I’ve already noted, Fiverr provides a gallery feature on every gig. You can upload images, pdf files, audio files, even a gig video. This is sufficient for most sellers. What other gallery features do you need?

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I understand sir
Thanks for the answers