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Online profile queries

Dear folks,

I have logged on the fiverr profile and I am online. However when I tried to filter as “online sellers” then I could not find my profile listed there even though when I take the file it shows in the grid.

Appreciate your assistance on this.

Thank you


@gopinath_m when you publish your gig dear brother?

It’s been more than month mate.

Thank you

This is what CS said a long time ago:

When you sign into your Fiverr account there is a 15-minute delay before the system will show you as online to other users. This is represented by the status dot on your profile picture in the top right. When it is gray you are offline and green is for online. There is a timeout if your [Fiverr . com] page is idle for some time , this is usually 30-45 minutes .

You could ask CS if you needed a more up to date answer.

Thank you for your reply.

The problem is I can see myself online and when I check in different browser,my gig has not been listed.

It might be to do with caching and keeping the website running fast enough with many users.

eg. if a million sellers went online and they had to update the search index immediately for all their millions of gigs for all the millions of people accessing the search pages maybe it would slow down the system too much. So they cache things and things get updated for people more slowly while keeping the website response time short enough.

There’s also Fiverr’s Gig Rotation system to consider.

In order for the millions of Sellers here to get exposure, Fiverr rotates Gigs.

It means that sometimes your Gig will drop from the search to make room for other Gigs.

It’s to make it fair to everyone here.

Find out more by entering the search term “gig rotation” into the search window on the Forum Home Page.


That kind of answered my question.

Cheers folks.

Happy fiverr-ing :slight_smile: